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The Gift Of Gods Talent Comes in all sizes.

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Gracefest AV is not only the premier Christian concert in the Antelope Valley but is also a truly blessed event that attracts new talent of all ages. Because our children are our future, Jesus is counting on us to surround them with influences that will help them grow in faith and be raised with high moral standards. Having them attend and participate with Gracefest at every level is planting a seed of faith in their hearts. Leading and praying for them is our jobs as Christian parents, the parents of His children, and they will be truly blessed by the fruits of their labor. As our children grow in faith, they will become leaders in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If your child or group has a talent that represents the gospel then 2019 is less than 12 months away.

To be apart of Gracefest AV contact.

Communities for Christ (formerly Kid's Charities)

742 West Avenue L

Lancaster, CA 93534


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