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4K Wedding Videos

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Voted Best Wedding Videographer  On This Side Of Heaven

“I truly love my work as My heart is dedicated to capturing the most intimate moments of your marriage. Your family and friends will cherish your love story by these special moments captured on Ultra High Definition Cinematic digital film and will never be forgotten”.

  By: Mark Sturdefant


“What God has joined together, let no one separate”

Mark 10:9. 

I believe your courtship history should be included as this is the foundation of your relationship. Your family and future children will be blessed by knowing the history of your unbreakable bond.



4k Crew would love to fallow you and your future spouse to some of the most memorable places you have visited while in courtship to recapture these special moments that bonded your love for one another.  


Drone Footage

Often we will give our customers more than they expected like hundreds of free photos automatically captured by our 4k cameras while shooting each event.  Our 4k Drones are quite while capturing great areal shots along with unforgettable cinematic footage. 

Live Stream Your Wedding

Have your family and friends from home and around the world watch in real time via Facebook Live, YouTube Live or on

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